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After honorably serving his country in the US Naval Services, Cedric Age embarked on a career with Northrop Grumman as an Engineer.  He advanced through the ranks of the Aerospace industry, and overall, made a very good career for himself. 

By 1987, Cedric found himself being allured by his ever growing passion for Real Estate, shortly after purchasing his first home. After long shifts of working, he was finding himself burning the midnight oil studying for his Real Estate exam.  Before long, he answered the call by taking an early retirement from Aerospace to launch a career in Real Estate.

By 1988 ACE Realty under the Broker leadership of Cedric Age began with a clear vision of developing a team of real estate professionals that would be committed to a higher standard of service.  Cedric and his team would go to serve many families in his local and surrounding communities.

Cedric continues to expand his real estate knowledge and scope of his business through the expansion of the default Industry and REO Relationships, with some of the top recognized affiliations in the industry. Some of his elite clients include: Reverse mortgage Solutions (RMS), Nationstar and Old Republic he is also affiliated with Real Estate Owned Managers Association of California (REOMAC) and National REO Brokers Association (NRBA). In addition, he has adopted cutting edge marketing techniques, and cultivated a strong investor’s pool thorough creative investment strategies. Cedric is not only valued by his clients, but overall highly respected in the industry.

Beyond the scope of real estate, Cedric has exuded his leadership qualities in his community at large. Cedric Currently serves as founding local President for the nation Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), United Way Board member, Advisory Board member of the Mental Health Association.

Despite the trepidation in today’s market, Cedric remains optimistic, he believes knowledge it the key to unleash the power to succeed. Serving the community through educational workshop opportunities has become a passion for Cedric. He collaborates with State officials, Local community leaders, educators and small businesses to enlighten with viable information. 

Cedric’s inherent leadership qualities, adaptability to market changes and sensitivity to diversity keeps him on the cutting edge of his business. These qualities allows him to provide a higher quality of service to his clients in the REO service industry and the families in the communities and local markets; in his words, he is “Privileged to serve



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